Treat Yourself to An After Christmas Gifts

Now that the hustle & bustle is over, we’ve all had an opportunity to reflect on the holiday season, spend quality time with family and friends, and hopefully relax a little after the late night wrapping and incessant cooking. There also may be a small window for a little “me time”. So if you’re thinking you might deserve a treat before the holidays past by and the calendar turns, here are some things that you may not have found in your stocking but you can find at an After Christmas Sale as a small ‘thank you’ to yourself for the work you put in over the last few weeks.

instant pot

Instant Pot – Williams Sonoma – $99-$159.95

Instant Pot – I gotta’ tell ya, if you like to cook then this appliance is a must have in your kitchen. I never used a pressure cooker until I saw a recipe in the Weekend Journal that showed me how to make Beouf Bourguignon in just over 4 hours and it didn’t come out dry, the meat was still tender, and the vegetables weren’t overcooked. After that, I thought I could work with it. My issue was the lack of control and guesswork. Then over the holidays I was at a dinner party and a friend showed me her Instant Pot. Imagine being able to create all of the expeditious meals that a pressure cooker can do but not having to worry about securing a metal pot lid, or the noise when the steam comes out of the top. This thing is a complete plug n’ play. You cut up whatever complements your recipe calls for, along with your main chicken, fish, or meat, press a button and in 15 minutes you get a meal that looks like you slaved over it for hours. They retail for just over $100 and if you have a family and/or very little time to cook and you find that your health and your excitement for Monday thur Friday meals has diminished, then treat yourself to one of these and start your New Year’s resolution to eat better off right.

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