Tools for Battling Mother Nature – Our Best Anti Aging Creams and Moisturizers

All of us are facing the perpetual, and fruitless, battle to beat Mother Nature. Unfortunately for us she is undefeated and will forever remain that way. So although we may not have a chance of winning the war on aging, perhaps we can extend the battle by slowing down the process and we have found some tools that may help you do just that and at the end of the day we all want to look younger for longer.

In the business of beauty the term ‘anti-aging’ has become passe and been replaced with more sophisticated and even medical sounding terms to make it seem like the quest is more doable than before. But here is your spoiler alert, they’re all the same thing weather its “restorative leaf juice” or time traveler serum” they’re just contrived words for defining the staple that has become anti-aging cream and remember “a rose by any other name”……

So now that we can admit to ourselves that we need it and what it’s called here are a few of our favorite products to help keep up the good fight.

37 anti aging cream37 Actives High Performance Anti-Aging and Firming Serum (yes Serum not Cream, they almost made it!) It’s a little more expensive at $175 but it will give your skin a better glow and feel to the touch like you did take a couple of steps backwards.





secret sauceIT Cosmetics Secret Sauce Anti-Aging Moisturizer – About half as much as most others at $89 so you can stretch your beautification dollar a little further without losing any of the quality. If you break down the ingredients of each you’ll find that they’re in the same ballpark. However the IT Cosmetics goes on more like a lotion and the texturealone is good for the skin.


Ok, at the end of the day we like these products and can confirm that we notice a difference after the application of them. However it must be noted that there is simply no replacement for the basic care of taking care of yourself. Firstly, getting plenty of sleep, also a balanced diet, and lastly getting consistent exercise however small on a daily basis. You can’t quantify how useful this to both looking and feeling younger, and the combination of healthy lifestyle and the best products will help you keep Mother Nature and her husband Father Aging away for as long as possible.

woman putting on moisturizer

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