The Last Jedi – Worthy Of the Hype and the Praise

The much anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiered on Saturday to millions of fans around the world and let us go on record as stating that all of the rave reviews are justified. This film was well written, well-acted, and most of all was not something that we had seen before in previous films in series.

As forthcoming as possible, I am a huge fan, I have seen every episode at the theater, I will watch every product they churn out regardless of the reviews, in that regard I suppose I am worse than an Apple consumer. However, because of that history I believe my opinions to be validated as noteworthy and I have been critical on occasion as well. For instance I was horribly disappointed in The Force Awakens because it seemed simply a modern remake of Episode 4, where you take the stolen plans of weapon the size of a small moon, store them in a droid, try to get the plans into the hands of a small band of rebels who then proceed to send a tiny fleet of fighters up against an army, and yet 2 of the fleet slip through the defenses and destroy the entire planet size weapon. Seen it before, but this was different. Much like the writing in Rogue One, just when you thought you knew where the story was going, it went in a different direction. I’m not here to play spoiler but perhaps because I went in thinking I knew some of the things that were going to happen after viewing the trailers and reading on the net, I was surprised and you will be too.

I’m not going to give the plot away, just let you that if you are a fan, you won’t be disappointed and if you weren’t, after this you will be. Not that they are the litmus test of the general public, but a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes will even raise the curiosity of skeptics that may be on the fence on whether to take the time and expense of going to the theater or simply waiting for it come out on DVD/Satellite. Now, I’m a cynic so will rarely leave the comfort of my own 60 inch screen at home, but this was an exception that was well worth both leaving the couch and the price of admission.

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