Reading Glasses – Throwing Shade On The Old Standard

For the longest time, sunglasses have been the standard for coolness, particularly in warm weather climates, but reading glasses have seen a big upgrade in style, thanks to newly squinty generations who demand spectacles that satisfy the most important requirement: looking good. So we thought we would hit the streets (coffee houses) in order to find out what some of the hottest trends in eyewear for the season were.

Seems like not too long ago the thickness of the frames was also a symbol of sophistication, and thin was in. Remember when the hippest style were the glasses that didn’t actually have frames? Where the hinges were connected directly to the lenses? The thinner the better. Contrary to what we’ve seen in the past it isn’t about thin or thick rims but more about the shape. And round is the shape of choice. The good news is you won’t have to break your banks on the frames as you can get some good quality for much less and spend the difference on lenses themselves which is what you need them for in case you lost focus of what they were for.

izipizi round glasses

The Izipizi round tortoise reading glasses $40

Our first choice is the Izipizi round tortoise shell frames. Now I know this is the style that Oliver Peoples cornered the market with but for much lower price point the quality is there without compromising on the style.






hard crimes reading glasses

Hard Crimes 55mm Aviator Reading Glasses $50

Our favorite for biggest impact are the Hard Crimes “Bookclub” frames that are thin and have a shape similar to your aviator sunglasses but have that thin sophistication look we described earlier. Coming in both gold and silver to match your accessory preference, these are so comfortable you may not want to take them off even when they’re not necessary.








Another thing we noticed is that people are going away from the standard black rim, gold, or metal frames and bringing in more color. A little more pricy but still well within range are the line that has lots of funky colors and combinations that allow you to express your personal style. We love the blues both the light and dark for their versatility, and the statement they make.

eyebobs blue

Eyebob blue and black, $70

There’s no doubt that people are taking their more seriously, and the industry is paying attention. Not only are the staples coming out with more designs, but you’ve seen lots of new kids on the block making an impact as well. The days are quickly passing where reading glasses are ‘un cool’, bought by the elderly in triplicate at the local Wal-Mart. Now you’ve got the aging Gen X (born between 60s-80s) and early millennials that are shaking up the market. New companies such as Look Optic, Cali-based MEeyye (my eye), and the Book Club, based in Sydney, Australia offer nonprescription reading glasses that are chic and well-made. Also, in many cases, if not happy with the final product the glasses can be returned to the brands’ websites, a practice made popular by eyeglass maker Warby Parker. So if you’re having problems reading this article, or holding your phone/pad/computer closer than 18 inches to face, it might be time click a few links and order some readers.





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