Best Glute Exercises to keep what you’ve worked for

True, Summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean you have to let all of that work you put in to get your ‘Summer Bod’ together go to waste (or your waist). Believe me, it’s much easier to maintain your weight than to lose it so as fall approaches we have some simple, yet effective, Glute Exercises that will actually accomplish both maintaining and may actually help you lose some inches on that one area that we all struggle with, our seat cushions as soon it will be time to trade in the bikini for some “skinny jeans”.

Let’s face it, you butt is the toughest part of the body to keep in shape and it’s what we all wanted to tone up ahead of Summer so we put together some ideas to help you keep in shape all-year round’. We broke it down into two types of exercises, those that need additional equipment and those you can do anywhere there’s a floor.

The Single-Leg Hip Raise single leg hip raise

The first of our anywhere exercises is the Single Leg Hip Raise. Firstly, lie face up on the floor with your left knee bent and your right leg straight. Raise your right leg until it’s in line with your left thigh. Then push your hips upward, keeping your right leg elevated. The next step is to pause, then slowly lower your body and leg back to the start position. Complete the prescribed number of repetitions with your left leg, then switch and do the same number with your right leg. Careful, this one is tougher than it looks.



Marching Hip Raise marching hip raise live

marching hip riaseOne again you’ll need to lie face up on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Raise your hips so your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Next lift one knee to your chest, the next step is to lower back to the start, and lift your other knee to your chest. Continue to alternate back and forth.




Clam Shell

clamshell liveOur last exercise for the floor it a bit tedious but very effective called the “Clamshell”. Lie on your left side on the floor, with your hips and knees bent 45 degrees. Your right leg should be on top of your left leg, your heels together. Firstly while keeping your feet in contact with each other, raise your right knee as high as you can without moving your pelvis. Pause, then return to the starting position. Don’t allow your left leg to move off the floor.

Over the years when we’ve posted articles on exercise the most common feedback in regards to “excuses” on why they don’t work their abs or their gluts is either time or boredom. No doubt to get the results you’re looking for the sets have to be longer than most of things you do, and sense neither muscle requires a lot of weight, the exercise can last as long as 15 minutes. So we wanted to move on to those exercises that may require accessories but not a whole lot of space, and are incredibly effective. This will not only break up the monotony of your glut workout butt (pun intended) shorted the time to see noticeable results, which is what we’re all after.

Barbell Dead Lift

barbell deadlift

Once again, simple but effective. You’ll need a little more space for this one and perhaps a thin mat or towel on the floor to avoid scratches if you’re working out on hardwood. Load the barbell and roll it against your shins. Bend at your hips and knees and grab the bar with an overhand grip, your hands just beyond shoulder width. (A) Without allowing your lower back to round, pull your torso back and up, thrust your hips forward, and stand up with the barbell. Squeeze your glutes as you perform the movement. (B) Lower the bar to the floor, keeping it as close to your body as possible.


Dumbbell Dead Lift

dumbell deadliftSet a pair of dumbbells on the floor in front of you. Bend at your hips and knees, and grab the dumbbells with an overhand grip. (A) Without allowing your lower back to round, stand up with the dumbbells. (B) Lower the dumbbells to the floor.



Single-Arm Dumbbell Swing p

single are dumbell swingGrab a dumbbell with an overhand grip and hold it in front of your waist at arm’s length. (You can also do the exercise while holding the dumbbell with both hands.) Bend at your hips and knees and lower your torso until it forms a 45-degree angle to the floor. Swing the dumbbell between your legs. (A) Keeping your arm straight, thrust your hips forward, straighten your knees, and swing the dumbbell up to chest level as you rise to standing position. (B) Now squat back down as you swing the dumbbell between your legs again. Swing the weight back and forth forcefully.


Swiss-Ball Hip Raise and Leg Curl

swiss ball hip raise and leg curlLie face-up on the floor and place your lower legs and heels on a Swiss ball. (A) Push your hips up so that your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. (B) Without pausing, pull your heels toward you and roll the ball as close as possible to your butt. (C) Pause for 1 or 2 seconds, then reverse the motion, by rolling the ball back until your body is in a straight line. Lower your hips back to the floor.


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